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Donations were made to the institutions and communities that support Hands on Peru, such as the La Noria Hospital, Mental Health Unit of Trujillo´s Regional Hospital, Victor Larco Health Center, Lazarte Hospital, Huanchaco Health Center, orphan Casa Hogar Divina Providencia, community of Ramon Castilla, to whom we were able to deliver beds and blankets for…
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Medical Campaign

July 18th, 6:00 am all of us were on the road to a new adventure, bringing happiness, clothes, toys for kids, and free medications to a town located 15 minutes from Sinchique, Pampa Grande. Our initial goal was to offer a big, free medical campaign to this town and surrounding towns. People from these towns…
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Photographic archive of the daily work of our volunteers in our medical program. Also some photos of our medical campaigns in the peruvian mountains. Such nice labor. Thank you guys!
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