My name is Laura Araujo Revoredo, I am a textile designer and artist. I have a very special affinity for yarn, I focus on hand embroidery and weaving on the loom.

A few years ago, I took a course about Folk and traditional art in Peru while I was living in Lima. From that experience, I decided to learn all I could about traditional hand embroidery and weaving in the northern highlands of Peru, but there was a problem. There was almost nothing on books or investigations on-line or in the university, so, if I wanted to know more, I had to move to the highlands.

I was living in the highlands of La Libertad, Huamachuco exactly, for almost a year, learning all I could about its traditional hand embroidery and weaving on a loom, doing a lot of research, taking a lot of photos and meeting wonderful and charming artisan women.

As a result, recently, I have gotten involved in the program of the NGO "Madre CESAPU", there I have managed to find again that affinity with the women through knitting and I work with them on things that will empower them, nourishing in one way or another their lives, encouraging them to improve themselves, which has also helped me to grow myself a lot professionally. I speak English and Spanish.