I could not be more grateful to Hands On Peru for providing me with one of the most amazing and eye opening experiences of my entire life. It was so enlightening to both witness and provide healthcare in a completely new light. Additionally, the staff were extremely informative and enthusiastic which made me feel comfortable and excited to provide care, even in such an unfamiliar environment. My favorite part of this experience was undoubtedly the people I met, so many meaningful connections were made and it was heartwarming to see and hear how grateful the patients were to have us there. While my time in Peru was short, I feel the impact this trip had on me was astronomical, and I hope that my efforts left their own mark on Perú in some way. I highly recommend this trip to anyone, even if you aren’t pursuing a career in the health field, because this trip provides you with an authentic experience of Peru and allows you to give back in such a unique way. I will forever cherish the knowledge I gained and the connections I made throughout this trip. Perú, tienes mi corazón!

Alexis Tirpak, Spring Break 2020