Hands on Peru was one of the greatest, most well-informed, and the most eye-opening experiences I could have ever had. We worked with kids and families who don’t have access to a stable healthcare system. This trip was filled with so many “Ooo’s, and Aahh's” that you didn’t even notice how much of a difference you were making. These kids were all filled with so much energy and happiness. Since the healthcare laws are very allowing in Peru, we learned to take vitals and learned to give vaccines and apply them to patients (don’t worry, these classes will make sure you know what you are doing). I came into Peru not knowing if I really wanted to go into medicine but the exposure I had in Peru solidified my path into medical school. Aside from watching a live birth and taking blood pressure, the atmosphere outside of healthcare was incredible. There were so many things to do in Trujillo: we went surfing, ate ceviche, went to a nightclub on the beach (found out that it wasn’t really my thing), and had a festive Christmas dinner. The HOP staff were so genial and humble that they took us in like we were all family. Lastly, I recommend HOP to anyone that wants to help patients outside their country, know if medical or dental school is for them, or have a great time in Peru while doing great things in Peru.

Armin Jamshidi, December 2019