I had the wonderful privilege to stay with “Mama Liz” and her family during my Summer 2014 session. Mamá Liz is a fantastic cook and provided genuine Peruvian breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two other volunteers and myself. She took care of us and welcomed us like her own daughters. Mamá only spoke to us in Spanish because she believes that volunteers should experience her culture.

My Spanish definitely improved very quickly! Señora Liz’s apartment is in the neighborhood “El Golf” in Trujillo. It is a very safe area and is a short taxi ride from the nearest mall, lavandería, and all of the work sites. There is wifi available, but I recommend that you try to see as much of Trujillo as you can!
We shared this apartment with Señora Liz’s mother and daughter. Abuelita is very sweet and kept me company in the living room on lazy afternoons. Maria José, or “Majo”, became one of my good friends and I am lucky to have had her as a host sister. My host family was a very important part of my experience here in Trujillo, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet them.


Kristen Weakley, US,