As a person, I have always felt called to work with Latin-American communities and have loved immersing myself in different cultures and exploring the world. Aside from that, I have always had a passion for the medical field. Being in Peru for 11 weeks gave me an opportunity to learn such amazing things. First of all, the community of Villa Los Angeles and the rest of the communities we served were amazing to work with. Working with the kids and the mothers was my favorite part. Although at times the other volunteers and I would be tired, we were always excited to see the kids and play with them. Secondly, the host family we stayed with was so kind and loving. Paqui became like a second mother to the other volunteers and me that lived with her. Just being able to live in the Peruvian culture and immerse myself into it. Lastly, the amazing relationships we fostered with the HOP staff was nice because we learned how to work with all different types of people and we got to hear some amazing stories from people who feel called to do this as a living.

Montserrat Dorantes, Full Summer 2019