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Chimuk is a social brand that makes a positive impact in the world socially, culturally, and environmentally. Chimuk is a co-op of 20 women who participate in our Community Center Cesapu. The program is designed to empower women personally & professionally, and bring them a dignified source of income. 

Chimuk produces high quality, sustainable, and durable handmade knit products of alpaca & sheep wool. Each product is one-of-a-kind, and made with love by one of our artisan mothers.

Our unique items are for sale in North America & Europe. Take a look at our catalog.

Note: We can do custom orders & pre-orders.

Chan Chan Collection 2021 – North America (English)

Chan Chan Collection 2022 – Europe (German)

More about CHIMUK:

In 2016, the nonprofit HOP Hands on Peru built a community public health center in Trujillo, Peru in order to promote public health and provide preventive health services to marginalized communities. In 2017, we began working with the mothers in our community program “Madre Cesapu”, teaching them how to knit & crochet, and slowly started selling their products to friends & visitors. Since then, the 20 participating women of Chimuk have transformed into talented artisans and have thus revolutionized their lives, earning a decent & dignified living wage, learning new skills, and building community.

Chimuk is named after the Chimu civilization (900-1400 AD). We incorporate Chimu iconography into many of our products. Our community center and knitting workshop is located right next to Chan Chan, the oldest largest mud-brick city in the world and the capital of the Chimu civilization.

Chimuk works with Andean farmers from Peru, sourcing alpaca and sheep wool as much as possible, one of the most environmentally-friendly textiles. We ensure that the small women farmers of the highlands also receive a decent wage for their wool.

Chimuk, most importantly, works to empower women & create pathways out of poverty. Our first priority is the mental, emotional & economic well being of the women that make up the brand, many of whom did not know how to knit when they first started attending our sessions in 2017. For many women, this is their first source of income, and a happy alternative to harvesting tomatoes, a common job in our community. Chimuk has not only given them dignified work, it has also given them a sense of self worth and of communal support.

Chimuk, Handmade in Peru, Knitting a better Future.

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