Hands on Peru is a nonprofit organization 501(c) 3 ; headquartered in Peru and US and co-founded by two global health advocates, Katie Baric, MPH, from North Carolina and Rosa Sanchez-Brem, RN from Trujillo, Peru. Hands on Peru was founded in 2013 as a response to the deep inequities in access to medical care among the rural poor of Peru and the societal structures that actively or passively sustained this injustice.

(2014) We started working in favor of local health and education, collaborating with local governmental and health agencies to host medical campaigns in the highlands and coastal regions of the department La Libertad, which allowed us to widen our vision and recognize the health needs of vulnerable communities in these areas.

(2015) We aimed our volunteer program to combat, at the core, the many problems that stagnate community development and deepen local poverty, referencing the concept of multidimensional poverty, where poverty is not simply a lack of income, but also a lack in education, health, work, social security, housing, and quality of life.

(2016) By July 2016, we had impacted a total of over 2,000 patients in health campaigns, disease screenings, english classes and had hosted over 140 international volunteers. Building on this momentum, Hands on Peru decided to create a more sustainable solution to the problems we had encountered through the years; to take a leap of faith to fully fundraise and build our own public health clinic, CESAPU, located in a marginalized peri-urban community called Villa Los Angeles in Huanchaquito Alto.

(2017) Our first full functioning year working in CESAPU that included conducting a community needs assessment and designing appropriate community programs. This year was focused on building trust with the community and introducing a new and innovative solution to health care. We thank the community for acting as their own agents of change through their active participation in these programs.

(2018) Establishing partnerships with local and international professionals, and the continuous support of our international volunteers and donors have allowed us to build upon and improve our community based programs, allowing CESAPU, and all of its participants, to flourish. This year we are part of the Young Leaders of Americas Initiative Network, The Pollination Project based in Berkeley, and Premio Protagonistas del Cambio in Lima, Peru.