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Millions of individuals around the globe lack access to basic needs like: water, sanitation, hygiene, housing, and primary care. Hands on Peru, a Cary based nonprofit, has been working in Trujillo and Huanchaco, Peru, since 2013, has noted devastating weaknesses in the Peruvian health & public health systems. Together with a team of international donors and local professionals, we built CESAPU – Centro de Salud Pública – as a solution to prevent even more of Peru’s poor to bear the physical, financial, and emotional burdens of preventable disease. 

In a post-pandemic world, our work in public health has proven to be more essential than ever. Not only do we offer primary care services like: medical consults, checkups, dental, ultrasound, nutrition, & physical therapy, we also host participatory programs in the afternoon like cooking class, knitting class, zumba class, tutoring, and surf class, so that individuals feel more engaged & empowered in their health. One of our most successful programs has been CHIMUK, #knittingabetterfuture, a brand of handknit alpaca products that employs over 20 women in a dignified & fulfilling way.

A short 7 minute documentary of our clinic’s impact can be found here:

Currently, our clinic serves an average of 250 patients per month between our primary care and dental services, and also engage an average of 50 women and over 50 children, in our weekly afternoon activities.

In order to help more cherished souls with essential health services & addressing basic needs, the clinic will continue to expand our services, deepen our impact, and grow our clinic. With a new focus on sustainability & innovation, Hands on Peru have designed & budgeted a second floor for our public health clinic to have more space to be able to impact more lives.

Please contribute to this campaign so that we can continue to create pathways out of poverty towards personal & economic freedom for Peruvian communities in need! Any donation is appreciated & welcomed!


We at Hands on Peru are so grateful for any monetary donation, large or small. We rely on the generosity of individuals and companies around the world to create and sustain all of our community programs. As a small nonprofit, HOP can guarantee that your money goes directly to empowering the community through various public health interventions. Thank you for your support!

All donations are tax deductible and charitable receipts will be gladly given if you request one.

We are tax deductible in Peru too. If you have a Peruvian company, you can collaborate with us. Please write to us and we will guide you in the process.

Hands on Peru: EIN number 46-3954080, registered in North Carolina, USA. 

RUC 20559764575, registered in Trujillo, Peru.

If you would like to donate via check, please make it payable to HANDS ON PERU and send it to 107 Eaton Place Cary NC 27513.

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