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Requirements for all Interns & Volunteers:

  • At least a basic knowledge of the Spanish language or desire to learn
  • Interest and passion in global health, community development, health care or just to serve to those most in need.
  • Acceptance and respect for other cultures
  • Proactive
  • Works well in teams

*All medical volunteers and interns are required to take the Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety (GAPS) workshop before their arrival to Peru.


We expect all of our volunteers to exhibit professional behavior while they are representing Hands on Peru in CESAPU and/or in other health clinics.

If, at any point, you doubt your medical skills on a patient, it is your upmost obligation to approach a HOP staff member to double check. (For example: if you have trouble taking a patient’s blood pressure, please do not shrug it off, and instead find a staff member or a trained professional to help you.)

Volunteers are asked to refrain from excessive alcohol use (drug use is forbidden) during their stay in Trujillo, to be punctual, to not miss any scheduled activities without consulting a HOP staff member first.

We request that volunteers please provide their medical history, only if they are suffering from an acute or chronic illness that could flare up while they are in Peru, or an allergy, so that HOP staff can adequately prepare to be able to take care of them.

Hands on Peru reserves the right to send any volunteer home if they do not display adequate behavior or if they are a risk to themselves or others.

Hands on Peru respects the confidentiality of all who come into CESAPU, and volunteers are not permitted to take pictures of patients or children without their consent. (All patients have signed a consent form releasing their photos, but nevertheless, we are not the classic third-world photo-op.) We work with a vulnerable population and have a responsibility to protect their privacy. Photos are permitted only if you have consent. A professional photographer will be present in many cases, and will gladly share any and all photos taken of you in CESAPU.

Volunteers in our health programs must bring some basic medical supplies- details will be in your packing list.

International travel always has some level of danger. All volunteers participate at their own risk. 

You will need a current passport valid for six months after your travel dates. Make sure you have your passport ready well ahead of your departure date. It may take many weeks or months for your passport application to be processed (new or renewal).


Certificates – No certificates are required.

EMT, phlebotomy (particularly for the campaign against anemia), doula, CPR certification is a plus

Training – No previous training is required.

A local Peruvian doctor will teach 3 medical classes per week to prepare the students for what they may see in the clinic(s). These class topics cover everything from vital signs, blood pressure, auscultation techniques, to vaccine and IV insertion, labor & delivery, surgical aseptic techniques, common Peruvian diseases, Peruvian public health, and more.

Health Education

All volunteers will be expected to take part in the education component of the clinic. Common topics: Nutrition, Diabetes, Anemia, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Sanitation & Hygiene, Oral Care, Community Health and Women Empowerment.

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