Our COVID 19 Response

Hands on Peru’s COVID19 RESPONSE:

A critical situation

Peru has been on military lockdown since March 16, 2020. Families are unable to work, let alone to leave their houses unless it is for food or medicine. Communities all throughout Peru have been devastated by these nationwide restrictions. Low income communities, like Villa Los Angeles, and Venezuelans have suffered the most from hunger and homelessness as a result of being unable to work and provide for their families.

Communities without adequate water, sanitation, and hygiene are suffering disproportionately. Not only are they susceptible to corona virus, but also to other viruses and bacteria that threaten their health. Now it is more important than ever to promote public health in order to prevent the spread of disease.

In Peru, cases are rising every day. As of May 8, 2020 there are 58,000 confirmed cases, mostly in the Lima region. There are over 1200 cases in the region of La Libertad, where HOP works.

Hands on Peru has seen the desperation, and developed a comprehensive public health intervention to meet the needs of our community Villa Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.

Our Relief Plan – Short term

Hygiene packs

Provision of hygiene packs to families which include hand soap, bleach, alcohol, and re-usable, washable masks. Each pack costs $15.

Making Masks, Supporting Mothers

The masks are confectioned by the women of “Chimuk Chic” our brand of hand knit items. Each mother will earn $1 per mask made, as a way to earn some economic income. To continue supporting the mothers during this time of economic standstill, please purchase one of their items here. All items available in USA.


Emergency fund

Many families do not have enough savings to get them through this time. We will provide financial assistance for families who do not have money for: rent, food, essential medicine.

Our Relief Plan – Long term

As a public health organization, we are committed to the health of our community, and surrounding communities.

Primary Care

Our primary care physician will visit our public health center 2 times a week, to be able to treat the needs of our community.

Community Programs

CESAPU is a bustling community center, where social distancing is nearly impossible. Our community programs are temporarily suspended, and may not start up again until 2021. Handwashing at the door has always been encouraged, and will now be mandatory.

Community Hygiene – Trash pickup

We will continue to fight with our community to insist that the municipality picks up trash more regularly. The trash comes only once per week. Additionally, our community is located alongside the cultural ruins of Chan Chan, which serves as an illegal dump. As a result, our community is living in a very un-hygienic environment. Consistent collaborative pressure on the government, by both the community and our nonprofit, can change this situation.

Public Health Outreach

Depending on funding, we will conduct community outreach throughout Huanchaco, which will be focused on hygiene, disease prevention, water, nutrition, and primary care. These outreach opportunities will take a variety of forms, from door-to-door education to collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the local government.

Clean water

We have Sawyer water filters to distribute to families with no clean water, and we are collaborating with an Arizona based nonprofit called 33 Buckets in order to ensure the municipality water supply is connected and chlorinated (2021 and beyond).

Our Funding

We are accepting donations via the Caring Crowd Matching Gift Program, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. Every donation is matched dollar for dollar up to $250 per person, per project. Please donate what you can.


We have cancelled our volunteer summer sessions, and postponed our Fall 2020 fundraiser until the Spring 2021. Our nonprofit is in desperate need of your support, now more than ever! Please consider donating, knowing that it is having a huge impact on public health in Peru.

Our Intervention - Elaborated

For more information about our intervention, open this link:


UPDATE #1 (26 May 2020)

“One of the cheapest, easiest, and most important ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is frequent handwashing with soap and water. But for many children and families, basic water and hygiene facilities remain out of reach.” – UNICEF

Throughout May, we have distributed 100 hygiene packs to our community Villa Los Angeles, helping over 1,000 people to prevent illness and contagion of the virus. We collaborated with the NGO’s Otra Cosa Network and Global GLOW Network to distribute educational-wellbeing books for kids with crayons in order to promote mental health. Masks were made by mothers at Chimuk Chic, who earned 1USD per mask made, generating income for women during this time of economic hardship. Peru has one of the longest quarantines, worldwide and has just extended it until June 30th, 2020, paralyzing millions of people and forcing millions out of their homes. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and who has made a donation! Each pack costs roughly $15 to make and we are still accepting donations that can be matched via the Johnson & Johnson Caring Crowd platform.  Our next goal is provide 200 hygiene packs to a neighboring community. Together we can build resilient communities and survive this pandemic with dignity and respect for all.