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We try to make the price as low as possible to cover all of your living needs, your planned activities, and the donations we make and what it takes to run the program. If you decide to volunteer for a shorter period of time than the complete session, then your cost will be reduced depending on your length of stay.  Money never has been, and never will be, the purpose of our program. If you have issues with the payment structure or the deadlines, or the cost in general, please feel comfortable to speak to a HOP staff member about your concerns and we will do our best to accommodate.

The following are some financial aid options:

  1. BRING A FRIEND Bonus! Bring a friend on the same trip as you, and get $100 off, or refer 3 friends to come on the same trip as you and get $500 off! They only need to add your name in the application form, in the question that mentions how they heard about HOP. *Note* This is only applicable if you and your friend travel together on the same trip. This is not a referral or recommendation bonus for volunteers who attend future trips at your recommendation. Only the HOP Campus coordinators are rewarded $25 for each volunteer they recommend for future trips. You will be advised about campus coordinator opportunities at the end of your trip by HOP staff.
  2. Apply for the HOP Scholarship. After your acceptance into the program, you may request further financial assistance. This scholarship is exclusively for high-impact volunteers who 1. Speak Spanish and 2. Have financial barriers that prevent him / her from participating in the program. We normally give out 1-2 scholarships per year for $500.

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