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Hands on Peru was founded by two dedicated women who have witnessed first hand the poverty of Peru and the rest of the world and the glaring disparities in health and education. Our overall goal is to contribute to reducing these disparities while inspiring future doctors, nurses, educators, social workers and public health officials to take action. We are named Hands On Peru for just that reason – we give you an incredibly unique, HANDS ON opportunity to work with the people in these countries who so desperately need your help. We want you not only to lend a helping hand to needy Peruvians, but also to to learn and experience and grow as a person and find inspiration to continue to promote humanitarian efforts in the world. Hands on Peru is a FAMILY of passionate people who are truly capable of instilling global change.

Volunteers are high priority. We make an extra effort to make sure our volunteers are comfortable in their host homes and clinics and urge open communication between coordinators and volunteers. We truly care about our volunteers and want them to have the best experience possible.

Let's Make a Difference in
the Lives of Others