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#1 Access to good health is a human right and we actively work to promote health equity, “when everyone has the opportunity to attain their full health potential and no one is disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of their social position or other socially determined circumstances (Ramirez & Metzler, 2008).

#2 We believe that health is determined by a compilation of social, behavioral, and biological factors. Understanding these determinants, particularly social and behavioral factors, help us to create interventions designed to promote effective and essential programs that attack the root of the problem.

#3 Our programs and services reflect a holistic approach to health & human development. They are designed to be family friendly, interactive, participatory, joy-filled, as well as evidence-based in relevant scientific research. 

#4 One of our driving forces behind this project has been invoking young people and promoting cultural exchange. There are so many students in Peru and abroad who seek experiential learning, practicums, capstones, internships, travel abroad etc., We directly channel all of their passion and creativity to make a positive impact, benefitting low-income communities in an impactful way.

#5 Capacity Building Programs and skills based learning is the best way to generate behavioral change. Every person has the potential to work their way out of impoverished circumstances, if given the opportunity.

#6 Local knowledge, local expertise, and local leadership are essential for longterm sustainability of global health programs. Empowering and engaging local healthcare workers and community members in every step of the process is a non-negotiable in order to generate sustainable and relevant change. 

#7 Women are agents of change in their families & communities. Extending opportunities for girls & women to learn & flourish will impact future generations.

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