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Program Name: Niños Felices

Main Objetive

Promote the socio-emotional development of children from low-income communities as well as improve their academic performance.

The Problem

Socio-emotional development plays a crucial role in a child’s overall well-being, influencing their ability to form healthy relationships, manage emotions, and navigate social situations effectively. Unfortunately, Peru’s education system often overlooks this aspect of child development, focusing primarily on academic achievement. One significant weakness is the emphasis on rote memorization and standardized testing rather than fostering critical thinking, creativity, and social skills. This narrow focus on academic achievement often neglects the holistic development of children, including their socio-emotional well-being.  As a result, many children in Peru miss out on the necessary support and resources to develop their socio-emotional skills, leading to potential long-term consequences for their mental health and overall quality of life.

Without a balanced approach that addresses both academic and socio-emotional needs, children may struggle to reach their full potential and face challenges in various aspects of their lives.

The Solution

Short term: Enhance knowledge of emotional awareness, improve fine motor skills, and reinforce basic mathematics, reading and writing.

Medium term: Children adopt healthy cooperative behaviors towards one another, treating their peers with respect and non-violence, perform well in school, and are able to learn technology.

Long term: To decrease drop-out rates in school, and that each child grows into well-rounded adolescent with the ability to focus on academic achievement as well as socio-emotional skills in order to contribute positively to Peruvian society and to their families.


This program has been occurring from 2017 to present day.

As of June 2023, we reach an average of 30 children.


Funding Partners:

  • None

Collaborative Partners:

  • Emory University MPH (May – July 2018)
  • NGO -PASEO Salud Mental (January 2018)
  • University North Carolina at Wilmington MPH (January-March 2022)


Lead: Nancy Dalyz Cotrina Gamboa

Volunteer 1: Jharixa Mirelley Sanche Diaz

Volunteer 2: Anakiara Daleschika Plasencia Castillo

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