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Why go on a medical mission trip?

The motivations behind participating in mission trips are multifaceted and personal, as they encompass a broad range of reasons. Developing a comprehensive understanding of global health and healthcare is crucial for healthcare practitioners. It involves adopting a humble approach, seeking ways to offer assistance and acquire knowledge. The ultimate goal is to provide quality care to underserved communities, impart innovative techniques to local healthcare providers, and broaden one’s perspective on medicine. Additionally, mission trips provide the opportunity to explore different parts of the world, immerse oneself in diverse cultures, sample their cuisine, and appreciate their traditions

Why choose Hands on Peru?

In 2016, Hands on Peru built ‘CESAPU – Centro de Salud Pública’ as a proactive response to Peru’s healthcare system challenges related to insufficient prevention and education. CESAPU represents a sustainable solution aimed at addressing the healthcare requirements of underprivileged communities worldwide, with each successive mission group building upon the last. After leaving Peru, you can be confident that the system you developed and the care you provided will not collapse,  as Cesapu operates continuously with our committed year-round staff, ensuring that the individuals who have been assisted will continue to receive the necessary healthcare services.

Since 2013, Hands on Peru has worked with over 300 international volunteers and over 150 local volunteers. We work with a network of Peruvian families and professionals in order to ensure an optimal experience for each volunteer.

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