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In addition to volunteering internship at the cesapu clinic, hands on peru allows you to work in a variety of areas and shadow an array of doctors around trujillo. past interns have participated in rotations including psychiatry, ultrasound, labor and delivery, surgery, public health, and more. these opportunities are once in a lifetime and a wonderful way to help others while gaining valuable experience in the healthcare field.

Note: rotations are subject to change depending on availability of doctors and nurses, demand, and other external factors.


This rotation allows interns to learn the basics of ultrasound and x-ray techniques / analysis with hop’s Dra. Ana Sánchez. Interns will visualize the heart, kidneys, thyroid, among other organs using state of the art technology. This will allow interns to learn about anatomy and how doctors use radiology to make diagnoses. We also plan to have ultrasound rotations in the cesapu clinic.


At some health centers in trujillo, interns have the opportunity to experience the prenatal, birth, and postnatal of admitted maternity patients under the supervision of obstetricians and doctors. interns have the opportunity to observe natural births.

At some hospitals interns can even observe preop and postoperative patients. in the past interns have seen brain surgery, ovarian cyst removals, leg amputations, cesarean sections and more!


At many of the local health centers, interns experience public health first hand as well as going out on the street and interacting directly with their local community. This includes door to door administration of vaccinations and recording community health data. Interns will learn valuable lessons about public health care and how to instill positive community health standards while experiencing Peruvian culture and meeting the amazing local people.


Interns will be able to shadow in a variety of positions that include, but are not limited to: topical, general medicine, nutrition, gynecology, dentistry, physical therapy, pediatric, topical, and X-rays.

HOP interns will also get to participate in public-health, education focused campaigns throughout Trujillo, for example the boy’s orphanage and the IncaLink compound (two wonderful organizations that serve a population with great health needs). HOP Co-founders Katie & Rosa are pro-active around the Trujillo community and aspire to reach as many people as possible.

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