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Elisabeth Gonzalez is an assistant in the Gastroenterology unit at the Cantonal Hospital of Linth (Switzerland). Elisabeth is Spanish and currently resides in Switzerland, in the canton of St. Gallen, with her husband and children. Although she spent many years of her youth in Spain, she finally settled permanently in Switzerland with her family in 2009. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and currently dedicates all her attention and passion to social entrepreneurship with Hands on Peru. In 2024, she begins an important role in the organization, currently serving on the board of directors and supporting its foundation in Switzerland.

‘Throughout my life, I have been dedicated, in one way or another, to helping people, which I love. Due to health circumstances, I have had to reduce the percentage of my work, and now I have found the opportunity to dedicate time to my various ventures.’ Eli loves cooking, spending time with her family, social aid, nature, and knitting, which is why she deeply connects with the Chimuk women’s entrepreneurship.”

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