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José Vilca is a Peruvian-based designer and multidisciplinary artist born in 1994 in Huanchaco, Trujillo.

Motivated by the idea of ​​a freer, fairer and more united society, its work connects with urgent issues such as what it means to be queer, non-binary, trans, dissident, artist, HIV+, disabled, migrant, low-income, unemployed, sexual worker, person of color and factors that lessen the situations of any human being today.

Vilca’s process is open-minded at every stage, driven by intuition, compassion and invocation. This approach allows it to conceal deeper meanings under an apparent aesthetic impulsiveness. In its most recent projects, a feeling of liberation and uncovering is a constant. Colors of sunsets, landscapes and specific shades of satisfaction. Silky and porous textures similar to skins and fishing nets with organic and bio-sustainable materials. A mix between neatness, worn and unfinished finishes. Its dream states often conflate placid utopian fantasy and the weight and grace of living. Immersed in it all, viewers swim in social, political and autobiographical narratives, reflecting and connecting on each evolutionary, optimistic, dreamy and childlike story.

Its work supports change as a natural and irreversible process, transition and evolution as law of the Universe, its practice as therapy, and experimentation as a way to – and reflection of – freedom and deconstruction.

First gaining attention as a fashion designer, Vilca’s multifaceted nature moved naturally towards making art as an end result of its practice. That process began when it was little, discovering and developing its creative side even in environments where this practice was (and still) socially of secondary value.

Jose has been working as Chimuk’s lead designer since November 2022.

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